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Our birth into this world starts our journey of life.  The family we were born into has a major influence on our formative years.  My parents were both fanatically religious and brought us up very strictly in their zeal to make us the perfect children, when we were harshly punished for misdemeanors. Living in an isolated community I knew nothing else.

So, on my wedding day I started out with starry eyes believing the happy ever after fairy tale. Life happened, I was naive to the ways of the world and the prince turned out to be a narcissist and the princess a traitor. We got divorced and I set off on my journey to a new life, hopes and dreams.  It was not easy, as a Christian woman with this shameful secret; it took me time to find forgiveness, healing and wholeness.

My spiritual journey to wholeness has taken me through many places. I had to relearn many life skills that were skewed by the fundamental influence of my parent’s church and find a new experience of a loving God.

I have really experienced the roller coaster of emotions through the divorce process, finding new love again, and the loss of a fiancé to suicide, and then widowhood after a long journey through my late husband’s vascular dementia.

This journey took me to reach inside of myself to learn courage in the face of fear and learn so many life skills to enable me to survive in a hostile world, I changed careers and moved towns seven times and countries four times, having to adapt and adjust to these situations,

Today I am truly blessed; I have found joy in being the person God created me to be to bring Him glory.  I have travelled the world and have an amazing family and career as writer, artist and transitions facilitator.

I had the idea of a map with a questionnaire to help people through the transitions process as there is a general pattern to transitions, you need to know how to get from where you are to where you want to go. With my experience I am happy to lead you through three different types of transition, Grief and Loss, New Destinations and The Second Half of Life. You will learn the skills to become the Hero of your own journey through life.

Please reach out to let me help you

Deryn van der Tang