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Life is Complex


My lifestyle blog offers tips on navigating the complexities of life, travel adventures, contemplation on Nature, and stories of people who have built resilience through living and suffering difficult times in their lives and other applicable topics on faith and life.  I am also an author of several books and an artist creatively expanding my ideas graphically.

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Life as an Adventure to Be Lived

My stories and art try to help people to see life rather as an adventure to be lived than to remain stuck in their difficult circumstances. The human story is one of brokenness and disruption. Unfortunately, divorce, suicide, rebellious children, gender issues, and abuse amongst others.  The harsh teachings of fundamentalism can damage the fragile human spirit and soul when the Bible is used as a weapon to control people. I know, I have been there. It has taken me a lifetime to free myself from those chains and be truly free as Jesus taught, the truth will set you free.

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Cross Those Bridges One Step at a Time – You are the Hero of Your Life’s Journey

Books to Inspire

Books to Inspire with meditations and prayers to help you grow back your faith in a good God.

Inspirational Art

Inspirational Art to inspire or help you meditate


I write a blog that is full of inspiration. Spend time in Contemplative prayer asking God to find you and show you the way, rather than prescribing the way. We are all different -right? I am inspired by nature


Hero’s Journey Map -It is a lifelong journey to find the God of Love who loves the brokenhearted and sets the prisoner free. I was a Cartographer, so I designed a Hero’s Journey to find your way through life’s difficulties and brokenness to find your Land of New Dreams.


Connecting you and your community back to God through Art. 

Let’s Walk This Path Together

If you are looking for a guide, someone who will treat you with compassionate, creative care as you travel your journey, who will affirm you as a precious child of God no matter what you have been through, I will be happy to chat with you and help you find your way through my website or my Facebook Groups.

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What Other’s Have Said

I have run Divorce Recovery Workshops as well as managed housing and eldercare, so have had a lot of experience. Please look at the testimonials of those I have helped.

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