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Hi My Friend

You have been popping in to visit Crossing My Bridges from time to time or following me on social media.  I am really glad to see you have been enjoying the content I put out to try to help you through your transitions, and even if you are not in transition, I hope that you enjoy it anyway!

My name is Deryn, the owner of Crossing My Bridges and Amaizing Gaze Gallery and I wanted to take a moment to say hello and welcome you personally.

Seriously, I want you to know that I am truly excited and grateful that you decided to join me on this journey to the Land of New Dreams. I know following my route map is going to be an absolute game changer no matter what stage you’re in. You may only be thinking of transitioning or be an experienced warrior. My map and content is unique and you can personalize it and work through it as fast or slow as you like. You can repeat some of the stages until you have a break-through if you need to.

Here’s what you can expect from “The Hero’s Journey Through Divorce, Grief and Loss”…

This whole e-course is made up of five modules each one building on the other, following my route map.

  • The Stages in Transitioning – this walks you through what you can expect when you are transitioning
  • Focus on Where I am Now – This is the core of the course, an in-depth visit to each of the places on the map where you are experiencing difficulties.
  • Embracing the Change and Moving On – You will continue to follow the route map through a new phase where you will be learning skills to equip you for the Land of New Dreams.
  • Growing, Widening, Deepening, Sharing – This is where you mine for the gold in your experiences and share your purpose in the journey.
  • Split in the Road – Once you have established your purpose, the choice is yours to stay in your new comfort zone and stay and work there or if you want to seek new adventures crossing the bridge to your Land of New Dreams. – This is a new growing process.

Abandonment, rejection and loss are hard to deal with alone. When you have a guide who has traveled the road before you, to point out the potholes and find an easier way, wouldn’t you want to have that guide to help you?

Instead of staggering through the process, wasting precious time wouldn’t you want to process your rejection and grief as soon as you can to get yourself in a state of equilibrium again? Those who have been through my Divorce Recovery Workshops have found them helpful and were able to get on with their lives again and you can too….

Even though hundreds of people will try to recover after loss, very few will succeed without support. Some will try therapy, some Divorce Care and counselling, all of which are valuable tools, but this may take years and a lot of time and money.

What if you could work through it at your own pace with detailed worksheets, taking your time to think and digest the content and doing your own research? You will also be able to reach out with questions via the web page or my social media on Facebook or Instagram for that little bit of extra support. For only $270.00 you will have over fifty worksheets and content to support them.

You can be the Hero of your own life. This e-course is based on Christian principles, so if your feel this is a good fit for you, I will be really excited to guide you through my map to the Land of New Dreams.

Hero’s Journey Through Divorce, Grief and Loss
Full e-course Hero’s Journey $245.00 USD  
– Stages in Transitioning
– Focus on Where I am Now
– Embracing Change and Moving On
– Growing, Widening, Deepening, Sharing



Looking forward to meeting you soon.


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