By Deryn
Feb 11, 2019

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As January draws to a close, my vision is cast for the new year and plans are made to achieve my goals.  This is a relatively new practice for me. Maybe this is a new practice for you too.  It was only about five years ago when I realized that if you truly set your mind to achieve your goals by writing them down and formulating a plan to get there, you actually made progress. I had always made ‘resolutions’ or even a five year plan, but not actually set it down.

Any new practice takes time to learn and a dedication to yourself to achieve it, sometimes it is really hard, and you want to give up, at other times you press the pause button and let yourself catch up with life.  There are no rules, you are setting the pace.  But as I was meditating on the newness of this year and my plans, I realized that Scripture mentions new things that God is going to do, and that give me a lot of hope, have they happened yet? Some have and some I am still waiting for, so if God is not in a hurry, I can give myself some slack too!

His lovingkindness and faithfulness begin anew every day (Lam:23), so even if we messed up yesterday, today is a brand-new day in His love and faithfulness. We are a new creation (2 Cor 5:7) so our past does not define us.  We have an opportunity every day to move forward in our new life. He gave us a new heart (Ez 36:26). How many of us have had our hearts broken? Yes, that new creation brings healing to our broken hearts and makes them new and ready to beat strongly again. And we will be given a new name (Rev 2:17).  My name is Deryn and many times I have wished I could have a new name as my name is hard for people to grasp.  But when I found out it actually means little bird in Welsh, I embraced it as a little bird has freedom to fly where she will, not constrained by any encumbrances, God gives us freedom from the past and gives us a new song to sing (Ps 40:3) He then makes us into New Wine with the fruit of our labors (Is 36:17).

Life is a journey and it does take time to implement your plans and reach your goals, but the journey is where you are being given these new things and are learning new skills and practices that take you nearer to your destination.

I have a map  and questionnaire I created to help guide you through life’s transitions and I would be happy to walk with you on your journey.  Contact me if you would like me to be your guide.


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