By Deryn
Feb 9, 2019

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January is the time for new beginnings, we often make New years Resolutions or set our goals for the year. There is something special about being able to say goodbye to the past year with all its trials and tribulations, its joys and celebrations.

I love to turn to the first page of my new planner, it is blank, I am the one who chooses to write down how I would like my year to proceed.  Sometimes we think we are controlled by our circumstances.  Circumstances certainly play their part, but if we have a vision and a plan for what we would like our life to be like , we can also use our circumstances to proceed down our chosen path, it may well be a detour, but from this vantage point you may have an even greater vision for what life could be like.

I love the words of Habakkuk the prophet “Write down the vision on tablets……For the vision is yet for an appointed time; it hastens towards the goal. It won’t happen right away”.  This is the purpose of writing the vision and goals down as they take a long time to mature and come to pass, if they are written down you won’t forget them, and you will have a plan and a map to where you need to go, regardless of the circumstances.  Habakkuk was between rock and hard place at the time he wrote that down, as the Lord had said there was going to be a time of great suffering and hardship before the vision came to pass. “even though the fig tree will not blossom and there be no fruit on the vine, yet will I rejoice in the God of my Salvation”.  Through the hard times Habakkuk kept his faith that God would bring it to pass.

January is a time of transitions for many as you face changed circumstances, changes in a career that results in moving to a new place.  It could be that you have just retired or are facing health problems that make it difficult to live independently. A divorce or death of a partner means taking up life again as a singleton and coming to terms with all that this loss involves.

We are not put on earth to do life alone, times can be hard and lonely. It helps to have a few guideposts and tips for the journey from someone who has travelled the road before you.  I have designed a map to help people moving through transitions and am happy to help you.

I have had to move countries and careers four times, I have been both divorced and widowed and have managed Retirement Housing and helped the elderly through to their end of life, this has given me a wealth of experience in managing Transitions and I would be happy to help you.

Download my free Map and Questionnaire. If you would like to have further help, the first module on the Transitions Process available.


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