Divorce, Grief, Seasons of Life, Transitions, TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS

Interview With Keabecoe Choene Ex-Pastor’s Wife

I documented how God took me through all those phases and eventually led to my healing. It was tough being a child of God and going through a divorce; I faced a lot, including many Christians rejecting me. I hope that my story will be an eye-opener for many other married people.

Grief, Retirement, Seasons of Life, Transitions, Widowhood


I hope if you have struggled to find that God is Love, you may have the scales removed from your eyes so instead of seeing everything within rigid black and white lines, you can see the radiant burst of color and light that emanates from Him through His creation and eventually be able to appreciate that He is Love and loves you with an everlasting love.

Divorce, Grief, Retirement, Seasons of Life, Transitions, Travel, Widowhood


Everything in nature is connected and our well being depends on us taking notice of the small things like leaves and choosing good habits and attitudes, treating the land and our neighbors with love and respect